The light will always win over the darkness

They have cheated and manipulated you day and night.
They hide to you revealings truths that you absolutely need to know.
They used you like cattle sheep.
They have played with your mind and take advantage of it.
They have treated you like a slave and not like a human being.
They have constantly kept you under pressure and under the rule of fear.
They have bring you to believe that life is survival and not a nice experience.
They have bring you to believe that a different world is impossible.

But now it's time to this nightmare ends.

Welcome to Luxland, Luxland is an utopic world where there is not war, no poverty, no misery, and not hunger. A world where there are no murders, or thefts, or frauds, because all are identified like brothers.
A world based on justice, equity, equality, fraternity and truth. In the wisdom, the knowledge, the technology and the respect for the environment.

A world that gives to everyone all the needed for their own personal growth, and where the human being might live up to 300 years, compared to the average 80 currently living. A world that maybe someday will not be anymore utopic and become real.

Lux on greek language mean "Light", therefore "Luxland" would be to mean something like "The kingdom of light". This utopic kingdom is based on the luxism, a philosophy that we will describe below:

The luxism is a philosophy based on the idea that exist two polarities or sources; The light and the darkness. The light emanates justice, equity, equality, fraternity, truth and wisdom; While darkness emanates all the opposite, that is to say, injustice, iniquity, inequality, unmotived hatred and deceitfulness. The light's sons are those that create a society that work together to search, find and apply all the needed to get the best possible level of phisical, mental, spiritual and emotional welfare of everyone. While the darkness's sons are those that loves impiety and create a society based on the crime, insensitivity, frauds, ignorance and disrespect.

The light is more powerful than the darkness.


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